Certificates & guarantees

Management System: Quality

Altan Prefabbricati S.p.A. has always been committed to fully satisfy its customers’ requirements and expectations, has adopted, for each projects, a rigorous Quality Management System inspired by standards ISO 9001. The Quality Management System allows us to optimize the group’s performances by ensuring constantly quality and by guaranteeing the ability of our organization to effectively manage resources, services, products and processes.


Product: Factory Production Control (FPC)

Altan Prefabbricati S.p.A., in the interests of the client, has provided its pre-cast structural elements plants producing a a production control system in order to assure that the product has got the expected requirements and that such requirements are constantly maintained.

Altan Prefabbricati S.p.A., produces high quality finished products that are put to initial type testing in our laboratory and to the production control through inspection, monitoring, evaluation and approval continuous by ICMQ.



Product: Energetic characteristics of construction products

Altan Prefabbricati S.p.A. has obtained for the pre-cast concrete panels produced in our establishments the certification of the energy characteristics by ensuring quality and performance achievement in accordance with legal obligations.


Product: CE Marking

Altan Prefabbricati S.p.A., responsibly, produces and attests its products, by CE marking, the conformity to the applicable European legislation.